Representative responsibilities
  • Identify sources of leads for various sizes of markets Enterprise, Mid market and Small
  • Generate lead lists based on industry profile, SCAC codes etc
  • Telemarketing, email marketing, social media (LI, FB and others as appropriate) and campaign management
  • Qualify and prioritize leads
  • Review and refine Marketing collateral and refining them (including our web and social media presence), individual product datasheets/slides, value propositions, multimedia content
  • Writing Blogs, Newsletters, Press releases, Case Studies and summaries
  • Review and refine sales and partnership channels – with VARs, with industry organizations such as NARI, NAHB etc, leveraging our solutions across multiple, diversified vertical sectors
  • Working with AppMatch, Influencers, Affiliate Marketing, Magazines, Trade Journals as appropriate
  • Scheduling and conducting Breakfast/dinner meetings with customer groups, industry partners
  • Scheduling and conducting Educational/thoughtleadership type activities
  • Working with Delivery Management and Engineering on easy onboarding of customers  through a process of Discovery -> Signup -> Onboard -> Use
  • Working with Sales to support sales activities, with Engineering on product roadmaps, feature functions.
  • Defining and conducting activities suitable for a ‘Sales Development Rep (SDR) – researching and collecting info on companies, developing mini-pitches
  • Defining and conducting activities for inside Sales / Pre Sales – understanding customers; quick-configure products and give access to customers (define these functions for later split off into separate roles – Pre–Sales, Inside sales and SDRs, to be performed by others)
  • Track output of activity through specific metrics,  UTM link etc
  • Engage in /Support Pre-sales activities
    • Meeting with prospects, understanding their needs and defining solutions, conducting demos
    • Developing proposals based on prospect’s input and our portfolio as the base
    • Working with partners and their solutions (Five9, Salesforce, Thoughtspot, Google, AWS, Microsoft etc)
Requirements & Desired Qualifications 
  • Hands on familiarity and experience with the various responsibilities stated above
  • Hands on experience with defining and executing marketing initiatives
  • Understanding of software marketing concepts and principles
  • Ability to work with multiple development leads and teams, sales, executives and customers
  • Technical and/or functional experience in software and technology marketing preferred
  • 5-6 years of experience
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