The Challenge

The forces of globalization directly impact today’s enterprises in all industries. Even small to medium companies are not insulated from these forces and have to deal with the dynamics and complexity of global trade in one or more of its manifestations – whether it is in sourcing, procurement, manufacturing or logistics. However, companies cannot afford to study and develop competencies in all these areas and have to determine how best to define their core and establish the right partnerships to handle the rest. Examples of challenges could be:

  • Determining the right sources of materials worldwide
  • Planning for right levels of inventory and timely deliveries of materials
  • Navigating through the complexities of global procurement, logistics, taxation, customs etc.

Our Response

With our in-depth understanding of and competencies in global trade processes, we are able to assist manufacturers and retailers effectively manage their supply chains through a set of services that range from simple data capture from trade documents to managing an entire process such as Purchase Order Management to providing advanced analytics and reporting. Our own delivery model is Global in that we provide several Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services through our offshore facilities, which provides significant cost advantages to our customers. There are several operational functions that can be handled by us, as an extension of your organization. This relieves you from having to manage these activities and frees you up to build your business. This mode of operation is cost efficient and effective. While the BPO concept may not be new, our differentiator is in being able to assist you from Strategy through Planning to Operational support as well as provide asset-based third party logistics (3PL) services – for freight booking, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution through our partners in the business. We bring advanced supply chain planning expertise, learned from years of developing and implementing best practices in Construction, Retail, Electronics and other industries.

Our Global Trade Services Portfolio

The following graphic is a representative illustration of the range of our services and how we deliver these services. As can be seen, our services cover the spectrum of Strategic, Operational (Transactional and Process) and Planning needs of our clients

Strategic Planning Execution – Transaction & Process Management (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) Operational Planning & Analytics
Strategic (on site) Documents/Transactions (Offshore) Process (Offshore) Operational Planning(On site/Offshore)
Strategic Opportunity Assessments

  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Revenue Growth

  • Bills Of Lading
  • Packing Lists
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Quotes
  • Advance Ship Notices
Global Logistics Management

  • Co-ordinate schedules with global(Asia) suppliers, ocean shipments with ocean liners
  • Track and trace shipments with freight forwarders
  • Clear customs, work with trans-loaders
  • Negotiate and work with inland freight forwarders
Strategic Sourcing Analysis

  • Identify, qualify and short list suppliers; Align requirements with capabilities
  • Develop comparison of costs, and service levels
  • Scorecard supplier performances
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis of sourcing options
Strategic Planning

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Network Strategy

  • RFQs
  • RFQ Responses
  • POs
  • PO Acknowledgements
Procurement Management

  • Verify and handle POs paper work with suppliers
  • Convert POs to shipment orders
  • Route shipment orders to staging areas for delivery
  • Reconcile Receipt Docs with POs
Material, Inventory, Distribution Planning

  • Review material requirements based on sales projections, constraints
  • Perform inventory planning based on lead times, risks, costs
  • Develop optimal routing, storage and delivery plans
Other-Business/Operations, Planning, etc., Other–Payables, Receivables, Inventory

  • Invoices, Inventory Report, Remittance Advices etc.,
Other–Receivables, Payables(Procure to Pay), Order to Cash, Visibility, VMI, Reverse Logistics, MIT, etc., Other-Facilities Planning, Customer Analysis Reports, etc.,
Services are provided on a monthly/yearly or on a as-needed basis, depending on the type of service requested.

Case Studies

Regional Distributor

  • Operational support for global logistics – handling importing, tracking production and delivery schedule with overseas suppliers, domestic port customs clearance, working with agents and freight forwarders for transloading and local deliveries – Operational savings of 35%

National Home Builder

  • Analysis, assessment to change sourcing practices. Development of business plan, and implementation plans to buy, move, stage, assemble and deliver construction materials to jobsites. Expected savings – 15%

New England based construction firm

  • Program to transition them into a branded marketing and distribution firm – historical sales & margins analysis, portfolio planning, price modeling, establishment of sourcing & distribution network -Efficiencies achieved in sourcing – 10%, Revenue growth anticipated – 8%

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