Are terms like Open Source, Web 2.0/3.0, Cloud, IDM (Identity Management) and emerging trends like Social Media, RIA, Tablet based development causing concern? Let us work with you to demystify these trends and put these technologies to use ! The following graphic illustrates our capabilities and levels of our practitioners’ proficiencies. In addition, our portfolio also includes software deployed and managed as a service, and made available for your enterprise, as appropriate.



We bring the best of tools and people to the table as well as a leveraged model that brings geographically dispersed, but effective teams in onsite/offsite, onshore/offshore combinations. The ‘team’ that gets integrated with your operation, could be 1 person or several individuals – depending on your need. In effect it becomes an extension of your business/organization. Frequent (often daily) communication, audio/video/test based collaboration, disciplined project/task management, creativity and research in solution design and a structured process of development, testing and deployment of solutions in your own environment or ours further defines our methodology. We keep our fee structure simple – preferably a monthly retainer across the three levels of proficiencies as illustrated above (call to find out what ‘x’ is !)


Level I
  • Experienced Practitioner
  • Standard technoloies-PHP,MySQL,ASP
  • Basic Analysis,Design
$ x
Level II
  • Advanced Practitioner
  • Specialized technoloies-IDM, SCM, CRM
  • Mentor to Level I practitioners
$ 1.5x
Level III
  • Expert Practitioner
  • Cross Platform Systems Architecture
  • Program Lead/Engagement Manager
$ 2x
Custom Development
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Apache, jQuery
  • Ajax, JSON
  • .Net, ASP
Emerging Technologies
  • iOS, Android
  • Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Networks
  • Adobe Flash/Flex,AIR,HTML5
Enterprise Platforms & Packages
  • Identity & Access Management – Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sun, CA
Analysis, Design & Analytics
  • Creative Design, Web Presence, Social Media
  • Process Mapping, Business Analysis. Architecture
  • Custom Analytics and Decision Support
Engagement Management
  • Engagement Planning and Design
  • Project and Program Management
  • Solution Deployment, Ongoing Support



Simple – we understand Business, we understand Technology and we understand another simple concept called ‘Trust’. We bring these three ingredients to every opportunity to develop and offer the best solutions to benefit our customers and create value for our customers and ourselves. Above all, we respect and value people and relationships – in our own organization and that of our customers. Ultimately people are the true assets in any organization and key to problem solving, solution building and business success. We put a lot of effort into this department! We are entrepreneurial by nature and so are many of our people. Click here to take a peek at our people, and our facilities.

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