Analytics Services

Our objective approach to problem solving includes a suite of services around providing analyzing data at a fine level of detail, generating insights and actionable business intelligence made available in a easy to consume manner delivered ubiquitously on the web for today’s mobile executive.

The general approach to this service includes working with our executive sponsors and line managers to determine the types of decisions they are having to make on a daily basis, gathering the necessary data, designing and developing models that provide the insights and operationalizing the delivery of such intelligence through web portals we maintain.

Business Process Services

Very often we find our customers needing help in either (a) defining new business processes or (b) running these processes because of a lack of internal resources and domain knowledge for the purpose. These business processes may include pricing, product management, transaction reconciliations etc

The general approach to this service includes understanding where the gaps are, defining these processes, identifying roles and responsibilities and as appropriate, establishing a discipline/methodology to execute these processes through our capabilites and infrastructure both on and off-shore.

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