General Description (multiple positions)

We at ReMAP, a startup division of Nathan Research are seeking candidates to fulfill unique needs and opportunities in a unique organization. We are looking for some multi-faceted personalities that can juggle roles in Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Customer Support and Software Engineering. The more diverse your skills and capabilities are, the more valuable you are to us. We realize you may not have all the skills but depending on your strengths, we will create a role for you that has a certain focus among these functions, but allow you the opportunity and freedom engage in other functions. We believe the right multi-skilled individuals can excel in our organization and in our fast paced environment world of tech innovation and growth. Here are some key needs and attributes for each of the functions.

    Sales & Marketing (maximized US hours, possibly India night shift)
  • Assist in preparing presentations, conduct demos for customers/prospects
  • Listen to customer and prospect feedback, analyze and prepare responses
  • Stitch together workflows from different products/services to fit a customer’s needs
  • Identify opportunities for smooth, friction-less, automated and self-driven experiences for prospects to understand, like and adopt ReMAP
  • Create, conduct and track marketing campaigns (Email, Social, Phone)
  • Help in executing direct and indirect (channel partner) driven sales and marketing efforts
  • Product Management (India hours)
  • Roadmap and manage the various underlying ReMAP services, the API libraries
  • Develop techniques for optimal reuse and leverage of services to stitch together workflows
  • Create and manage DevOps pipelines for development and testing efficiency
  • Ensure testing and environment migration protocols
  • Manage and optimize cloud workloads
  • Establish unified (mobile, web and hybrid) and consistent UI/UX
  • Customer Success (US hours, India night shift)
  • Triage issues into high, medium and low priorities
  • Train and use depth of product knowledge to address and resolve high priority issues immediately
  • Troubleshoot issues working with internal teams, cloud and hosting partners, and potentially with customers
  • Track and trace history of issues for ready reference and build reusable libraries of knowledge
  • Monitor and respond to issues effectively and establish customer success metrics
  • Inculcate importance of customer success in internal discussions
  • Software Engineering (India hours)
  • Be a polyglot – design, build, test and implement software components in multiple stacks – Ruby on Rails, PHP/MySQL, Ionic/Postgres
  • Analyze and critically differentiate between architectural approaches – microservices, no-code, hybrid
  • Have working familiarity with cloud and mobile technologies – GCP, AWS, Azure, iOS, Android
  • Research machine learning and deep learning libraries and algorithms to adopt and adapt for image processing, vision and AR related problems
  • Quantify and present results to management in a disciplined manner; organize build efforts for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Contribute individually as well as lead developers for rapid product building
  • Strong aptitude – analytical, logical, mathematical and communicational
  • High level of commitment, dedication and integrity
  • Passion for problem solving, self-driven nature, discipline
  • Degrees, Majors, GPAs – unimportant as long as the candidate can demonstrate proficiency in the above skills (could be through a formal program at a university or elsewhere and/or self-study)
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