The issues we typically address for retailers involve determining the right product mix, (merchandise and assortment planning), market entry planning, distribution center and store network configuration, and workforce planning.

  • Sales Management, Analytics and Reporting (SMMARTs) – A Sales Management platform to plan sales and lead generation strategies, capture, run and track sales and study/report sales and marketing metrics; Offered as a hosted service/SaaS application
  • Remodelers Management and Analytics Platform (ReMAP) – A complete Operations Management Platform to plan, run and track activities for Remodeling firms; Offered as a hosted service/SaaS application
  • Product Portfolio Planning – Determination of categories, roles and assortments, inventory and replenishment policies
  • Benefit Assessment Framework – Uniform Code Council endorsed benefit assessment model based on four level process decomposition and consideration of 40+ variables
  • Market Entry Planning – Identification and planning for market opportunities; With the expansion of global markets for organized Retail, (especially India), we can evaluate such opportunities for retailers considering such moves, with specific approaches and plans.

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