The Challenge

Shippers, Retailers and their partners in global supply chains are under the constant pressure of performing real-time analytics to identify trends and patterns in cargospace, routes and rates, cost components, and regulatory factors. Managing complex supply chains inevitably requires an organization to be on top of data and intelligence so as to enable them to take decisions promptly. As a key enabler of efficient product movement, freight forwarders need to be equipped with such intelligence for their customers. The core software applications that run operations for these organizations, often need to be extended with flexible reporting and analysis to provide the necessary insights to the freight forwarders’ customer base.

The Solution

The solution to the challenge is to design and implement an extension of the core application that provides organizations the capability to merge data from different sources The adjoining graphic is a representative illustration of the process of extraction, analysis and delivery of reports. The approach is non-intrusive in that existing processes and applications continue to run as usual and this reporting layer simply sits on top of/extends the rest of the IT infrastructure of the company. A typical delivery mechanism from an IT architecture perspective will be through the use of SSRS and SSIS (SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Integration Services)

Logistics solution


The Approach

We bring the best of tools and people to the table as well as a leveraged model that brings geographically dispersed, but effective teams in an onsite/offsite combination. The ‘team’ gets integrated with your operation, to provide you the support you need and in effect becomes an extension of your business/organization. Frequent communication, audio/video/text based collaboration, disciplined project/task management,creativity and research in solution design and a structured process of development, testing and deployment of solutions in your own environment or ours further accents our methodology.

About Us

With our in-depth understanding of and competencies in global trade processes, we are able to assist manufacturers and retailers effectively manage their supply chains through a set of services that range from simple data capture from trade documents to managing an entire process such as Purchase Order Management to providing advanced analytics and reporting. Our differentiator is in being able to assist you from Strategy through Planning to Operational support. We bring advanced supply chain planning expertise, learned from years of developing and implementing best practices in Construction, Retail, Electronics and other industries.

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