We have assisted major builders and construction firms with their strategic sourcing of materials, and the complete redesign of their supply chains to buy, move, stage, assemble and deliver materials. In the process, we have helped set up whole new business subsidiaries to handle material procurement from factories, long haul transportation, third party warehouse storage, manufacturing of assemblies and delivery to construction sites.

  • Strategic Sourcing Analysis – Analysis of consumption and current spend levels, determination of sources and sourcing efficiencies; definition and instituting of processes to monitor spend, and evaluate supplier performances
  • Network Planning – Determination of optimal locations for own or third party warehouse facilities, and assembly operations
  • Inventory Planning – Determination of right levels of inventory based on various lead times – supplier, network, and assembly
  • Procurement and Global Logistics Services – Management of the procurement workflow, and handling of logistics in terms of ocean liners, agents, transloaders and freight forwarders.

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