The mission for Nathan Research is to combine research, experience and thought leadership in strategies, processes and technologies in unique ways to conceive and implement specific ideas and solutions that companies can derive value from.

Our Credentials

Nathan Research is made up of a seasoned team of Industry, Process and Technology specialists with decades of hands-on experience in industries such as Retail, Consumer Goods and Electronics, Management Consulting and Software, and characterized by a combination of leadership in strategic thinking and successful operational execution. The team, has a collective 100+ years of experience in defining and implementing business strategies in several industries.

Our Focus

We focus on developing software and solutions in Business Planning, Operations, Digital Transformation and Analytics.

Strategic Planning – We work with retailers, manufacturers and service providers on a number of areas related to Long Term Forecasting, Market Planning, Supply Planning, Product Portfolio Planning, Facility Planning, Network Analysis, Global Logistics/Distribution Planning and Workforce Planning. We are acutely familiar with the behaviour of various supply chains – Consumer Goods, High Tech Electronics, Telecom, Construction etc and perform an iterative, quantitative analysis of a company’s supply chain and develop a strategic assessment of opportunities and risks. Causal factors, operational and financial constraints are taken into account simultaneously in our plans to address problems and opportunities.

Operational Planning – After a recommended strategy is adopted, we help operationalize the strategy through specific processes that may be a combination of customized approaches and best practices. Managing supply chain efficiency – forecasting short term demand, procurement and shipment plans, evaluating supply risks, outsourced logistics and manufacturing, streamlined deliveries, defining inventory policies, and a periodic assessment of the impact on margins and profitability are issues that we work with regularly. Recognizing the fact that planning processes tend to be unique to each organization, we define and develop a customized approach to operational planning that involves the best mix of solution enablers, serving, in several instances, as ‘planning extensions’ for our customers’ organizations – in areas such as Sourcing, Distribution and Labor planning. This approach to operational planning, uses specially created statistical models, algorithms and optimization engines and is a combination of methods and tools where complex concepts are translated to practical, easy-to-use solutions. With this approach, we are able to provide operational planning as a service.

Execution – Plans have to be followed by flawless execution. We assist customers in establishing the necessary execution discipline – such as collaborative program management with suppliers and customers, defining and implementing electronic transactional interfaces, adopting cutting edge advances in Digital Transformation, Automation, and Data Sciences and implementing AI, ML, AR and other emerging technologies. We also provide business process services related to procurement and logistics for selected customers, if needed.

Principles and Values

We are passionate about what we do and believe strongly in teaming up with our customers to develop game changing strategies and approaches that gives them sustainable business advantage. We like to take ideas from concept to completion and demonstrate real, operational results. Our ideas, research and approach to problem solving are supported by

  • Field validation by working with users
  • Academic and other research to bring up to date knowledge capital
  • Knowledge of technologies, platforms and architectures.
  • Relationships with leading industry organizations

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