Requirement –  Software engineer / developer with knowledge / experience in developing/ working with VOIP applications involving protocols such as SIP
  1. Understanding of the SIP protocol defined in RFC 3261 and 3GPP defined IMS SIP.
  2. Understanding of the Session Description Protocol
  3. Skilled in C, C++ development and ability to modify/enhance existing C, C++ code.
  4. Ability to Modify SIP call processing state machine and incorporate Media Broadcast Control Protocol (MBCP) into the SIP state machine.
  5. Understand of call processing flow diagrams and ability to code the flow diagrams in the defined protocols
  6. Experience in implementing 3GPP standards related to IMS.
Related skillsets preferred
  1. Experience with Open Source VoIP applications such as Kamailio, OpenSIPS, FreeSWITCH, RTPEngine,Asterisk and open source tools such as Wireshark, sngrep and Homer.
  2. Strong understanding of IP telephony (VoIP), TCP/IP Networks and related protocols (SIP, RTP, RTCP, ISUP, TLS, STUN, TURN, WebRTC).
  3. Background in protocols/codecs/standards to include TCP/IP, OSPF, T.38,RTP, RTCP, MGCP, H.323, SIP, G.711,MP$,AMR and G.729 and 3GPP R13 standards.
  4. Should be familiar with SIP clients like Zoiper, X-Lite etc.,so it will be easy to integrate with other apps.
  5. Should be able to simulate SIP traffic by using SIPp tool
  6. Good understanding of PTT (Push to talk) service , Floor control request etc….
  7. 2 to 4 years of experience with VOIP technologies
Other desired web / ‘soft skills’
  1. A good communicator, ability to document  detail design documents.
  2. Understanding of and and experience with DevOps model.
  3. Ability to develop apps for Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems platforms
  4. Understanding of HTTPS, HTML5 and XML protocols for Web interfaces
  5. Understanding of Security protocols such as TLS and IPSec
  6. Experience with Linux, open source tools and shell scripting,C,C++,angular 4 .
  7.  Ability to work in a small fast-paced team to meet challenging project deadlines.
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