These are unprecedented times. As we begin to define new ways to live, work and socialize, we recognize many of our customers are trying to determine how to navigate through these circumstances. Technology obviously is playing a major role in this transition. Here at our company, operating virtually is nothing new to us, though the recent happenings have taken things to a whole new level. We want to extend a hand of support to you and help in any way possible – whether it is in setting up your digital presence, making virtual appointments, performing online consultations, visualizing your projects, remote-completing your in-home sales, and distant-monitoring of field activity. We have the tools, technology and expertise to assist and have been doing so for a number of years. Our flagship software platform ReMAP has these capabilities built in, is easy to configure and ready to use. While we take care of ourselves and our families with strength and courage, likewise the businesses that can adapt, are resilient and are innovative are the ones that will  come out ahead and stronger at the end of this, in the new normal. As a show of our humble support, we are providing a complementary one month subscription to ReMAP for new customers. Please contact us at to learn more. 
Look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, we wish you the best of health, well-being and personal and business success. Stay safe and stay strong.  
Ram & The Nathan Research Team