It was indeed an honor to be able to host Aditya and Annie’s reception at Crowne Plaza last week. While I tried to personally meet, greet and thank each one of you, I realize I may have missed several of you. This follow up note is to ensure I duly express my gratitude for your presence, blessings and the love and warmth you shared with us on the joyous occasion. I failed to adequately acknowledge several people in the gathering. Among them are my sweet sister Radhika and my brother-in-law Ravi who have been pillars of support for me. There were Ambassadors that have represented the country overseas, entrepreneurs behind innovative businesses that I have invested in, Bank Presidents, professionals, artists, and of course my incredible team. While there was a lot of talent to be seen on the dance floor, there was also in our midst, an individual who has had the distinct honor of sharing the silver screen with ‘Thalaiva’ himself!.

It was an amazing trip to India for us that included a day trip to Vaideeswaran Koil to visit our kula deivam (I was told by the kids that we could do the trip under the condition that we would be back before the World Cup Soccer final starts. I said ‘deal’ and we made it!). We also made a trip to Kanchipuram and Orikkai. I offer my profound namaskarams to Mahaperiyavah, the one who makes it all happen!

Here are the links to

  1. the video coverage of the event (caution – this is the full version, so skip to sections you would like to see; we will add the shorter, highlights version when it becomes available) and,
  2. the picture gallery

Enjoy! Happy New Year!