Product Description

A framework that allows (a) enterprises to define, select and quantify the impact to business operations through a granular analysis of activities, processes and functions of the business and (b) association of these activities with specific initiatives that will lead to business process and enterprise wide performance improvements.

Key Functionalities
  • Logical decomposition of business functions of a retailer and a manufacturer into processes, and activities.
  • A consistent methodology to identify metrics to measure each activity using a set of four variables.
  • Suggested improvement ranges for the variables in terms of Best in class, Median and Low values and typical improvements that can be expected.
  • Override suggested values with a user specified value in absolute or percentage improvement terms.
  • Framework seeded with 5+ business functions, 16+ processes, 30+ atomic level benefit drivers
  • Built in database of best practices, processes and standards (such as CPFR, EDI, EFT, GTIN, GDS etc)
  • Ability to login either as a Retailer or a Manufacturer, with functional distinctions.
  • Local ‘what-if’ capabilities to quantify benefits.
  • Distribution of benefit dollars into multiple buckets (of initiatives, categories etc) at the atomic level.
  • Weighted and automatic rollup of benefit dollars into higher levels both in dollars and in percentages.
  • Intuitive interface in the form of questions to guide user through the framework.
  • Summary reporting at the enterprise level and at business function level of benefits and weighted contributions from different initiatives – in dollars and percentages.
  • Export of data into XML files
Additional user features
  • Secure Login and Profile management
  • Session save and resume
  • Multi user support
  • Zero admin web based application
  • Help for descriptions of functions, processes, drivers and initiatives
Administration capabilities
  • Definition and maintenance (add/delete/change) of Functions, Processes, Benefit Drivers
  • Modification of seeds for Best in class, Median, Low and Typical improvement values
  • Maintenance of help screens, logos and descriptive content in each page of the application
  • Content Management (Newsletters, Announcements)
Deployment Options
  • Local installation on enterprise network
  • Hosted service
Value Proposition
  • Rapid business case development and ongoing performance measurement and management.
  • Built in industry best practices, benchmarks and logical process decompositions
  • Rapid modification of template to develop model variations for different business units and initiatives.
  • OS – Linux, W2K, W9x
  • Web Server – Apache
  • PHP Server side scripting/PHP Web services
  • MySQL database
  • Portable to other platforms
Planned Enhancements
  • Multiyear projections of benefits
  • Investment calculations
  • Multiyear ROI in terms of NPV and IRR
  • Reporting of initiatives and rankings
  • Customization of a program of initiatives

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