Complete Business Solutions


  • Plan your Products, Lead Sources, Regions, Budgets, Materials & Labor
  • Run your Leads, Reps, Record and Track your Jobs
  • Check your business performance By Period, By Product, By Resource, Monitor Key Operational and Financial Metrics

  • Set up products, prices and regions/territories
  • Capture leads from multiple lead sources effectively
  • Define salesterritoriesfor Sales Management and Field Sales force
  • Assign leads to teams on a day‐to‐day basis
  • Capture the disposition on leads run (sales detail,reason for no‐sale etc)
  • Analyze market,resource and product performances for management
  • Generate and publish reports and analytics

  • No need to hire in‐house IT resources.
  • Our solutions are made available on a subscription basis(Software‐as‐a‐Service)
  • In addition, our IT resources are available and can act as a ‘virtual’ extension of your business
    to enhance and support your solutions
  • The resources will be available to you to accommodate your specific needs

  • Manage your dealer network if you have multiple locations/dealers
  • Manage your franchisees on a national level, if you are a franchiser
  • Manage your specific franchise if you are a franchisee
  • Manage your big‐box relationship

  • Tailor the pre‐built tools,templates and software to suit your specific needs and conditions
  • Configure solution to fit your environment
  • Extend and Enhance the solutions with customized modules to complement the base platform
WEB SOLUTIONSMaximize the power of your web presence.

  • Establish, Enhance & Evaluate your web presence&brand
  • Leverage social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Generate leads & appointments online
  • Conduct Online campaigns
  • Analyze returns and adjust marketing strategy

  • Organize, Automate and Standardize your forms – whether it is related to sales process, installation process or back office functions
  • Take advantage of web‐forms, electronic data interchange , and payment methodologies
  • Reduce paper clutter, go green!


  • The PLAN‐RUN‐CHECK™ construct that integrates the Planning, Execution and Analysis of the various activities related to successful sales and operations
  • Ability to configure/’purpose‐build’ a solution with parameters specific to the remodeling business –products,markets and resources, yet take advantage of pre‐built templates and solution infrastructure
  • Single,simple interface for Remodeling business owners,sales managers, installation managers and
    administrative staff
  • Deployment in a hub‐and‐spoke scenario where the Remodeling business manager can ‘subcontract’ work and track the activity of the sub contractor
  • Standard and configurable reports that summarize by market, by resource, by product ‐ plan vs actual,
    performance by period, causal factor analysis, conversion,retention and other operational and
    financial metrics
  • Newer better lead sources(web,social media)
  • Better management of leads, greater lead productivity
  • Increased productivity (higher conversion) from sales force
  • Better retention of sales force
  • Lower cycle times
  • Enhanced customer service through faster responses to customers
  • Better leverage with suppliers(better analytics on sales,material costs)
  • Automation of various reporting tasks
  • Improved Administrative Productivity
flexible solutions for your business needs

Subscription Based Planning, Analytics and Management Solutions for Revenue Enhancement(Product launch, Pricing, Promotions, Marketing and Sales), Operational Efficiency (Lead Source Management,Job Flow, Product&Labor Tracking &Management) and Customer Service

Clients typically experience 30‐40% improvements in time to market, leads and sales generation, product fulfillment cycles and total cost of ownership

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