TiE Dallas CEO Speaker Series Summary

Nathan Research is proud to have been able to partner with TIE Dallas to sponsor a CEO Speaker series event on Monday, Oct 28, 2019 which brought together a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, businessmen/women, and visionaries. Keynote speaker, Valerie Freeman, shared her story and ideas that the audience could use and relate to in their own career endeavors. Her years of experience as a businesswoman, mentor, coach, and CEO brought sound advice to the table as attendees. The keynote was followed by a panel discussion on “What Makes DFW Tick.” The panel consisted of prominent individuals from the Dallas area including Paul Voelker, mayor of the City of Richardson, Arun Gupta, founder of Skyven Technologies, Dave Malenfant, Director of Outreach and Partnerships for the Center for Supply Chain Innovation at TCU, and Sumit Gautam, a successful portfolio manager at Scaler Gauge Fund. Ram, our (Nathan Research) CEO as well as the President of TiE Dallas, spoke about the organization, its mission, its global presence and the programs it has helped launch and run in the DFW area including for the youth, investors, women and CxOs. Finally Michael Gorton, best selling author, 12 time serial entrepreneur, and founder of Teledoc, gave a closing talk on his experiences and his latest venture, “Back to Space”. The entrepreneurial wisdom of the speakers would help inspire, educate, and motivate Dallas’ entrepreneurial and professional community.